The Los Angeles Clippers have remained in discussions with Lamar Odom and the veteran forward plans to visit the team's practice facility sometime this week.

“I’m going to keep talking to him,” Doc Rivers said on Tuesday. “I don’t know what our plans are yet. I like Lamar. I want him to be in the NBA. And if things go right, here.

“Having said that, I just want him to do well at the end. Obviously if he does well, we’d like for it to be for us. But let’s say he doesn’t come here, and he does well in the NBA, I’d be just as happy, honestly. I look at a guy, and I think he’s a good guy, and he needs another shot.”

Odom still wants to play with the Clippers and has returned to Los Angeles following his training in Rhode Island.

If the Clippers do sign Odom, he’ll get a one-year deal for about $883,000.