One of the biggest challenges of Brad Stevens first season in the NBA is dealing was a Boston Celtics' roster that is less than ideally balanced.

“It’s not a very balanced roster,” said Danny Ainge. “I like the players on the roster, but it’s not very balanced.

“I think that Brad has a challenge of just trying to sort of figure out who’s going to play where. You know, guys like Jeff Green and Gerald Wallace, Avery (Bradley) — those guys can play multiple positions, and Courtney (Lee) has done a little bit of that. So that’s going to be a challenge of trying to figure out how it fits. And it’s an opportunity for guys right now to step up and really separate themselves.”

Stevens sees his vision for the Celtics as similar to Ainge.

“I look at it day by day,’ Stevens said, “with the idea of a long-term, big-picture culture — you know, how we want to make sure we operate in practice, how we want to support each other. The team stuff is really important.

“(Culture) is a long-term thing as well as a short-term. You’re not going to get everything you want in the short term, but you’re not going to build anything worth a darn without it. Those things are important in both terms, but I’m looking more day to day than that.”