Dwyane Wade gave a diplomatic answer when he was posed the question about whether his new contract in free agency will be a Kobe Bryant-type contract or a discounted deal like Tim Duncan's and Kevin Garnett's in the past.

“When I get into that position, it’s something I’ll think about,” Wade said. “You have to sit down at the time and see what is best for you and for your team.”

“D-Wade is getting that Kobe deal,” LeBron James said from the next locker.

Wade was glad to see the two-year, $48-plus million extension that Bryant signed with the Los Angeles Lakers last week.

“As a player, I loved it. Everyone who gets what they get deserve, it’s great,” Wade said. “There’s a reason the Lakers felt that Kobe should get that money. There’s no right or wrong.”

The Heat likely would like to work out with Wade a similar situation to when Shaquille O'Neal signed a flexible deal in 2005. Wade has stated he intends to re-sign with Miami in the offseason.

“I remember when Shaq did that,” Wade said. “Not everyone is going to do that.”