Rudy Gay gets a fresh start from a fanbase in the Sacramento Kings eager to embrace him.

The Kings' fans gave Gay a standing ovation when they made a brief appearance at Sleep Train Arena this week.

"Being traded shouldn't hurt your confidence," said Gay to Amick. "It should make you more confident, because obviously this is a team that wants me and wants me to be a part of the team. It doesn't hurt my confidence at all. Once you've gone into a situation, you have to find different ways for you to be effective."

The Kings believe Gay's production will improve playing with a big of DeMarcus Cousins' caliber.

"That's why we didn't get caught up into Rudy's numbers this year in Toronto, because DeMarcus is a luxury, for us and also for his teammates, because he generates wide open shots for those guys," said Michael Malone. "So we feel that will hopefully get Rudy back to where he was in those Memphis days."

Gay also cited Andre Iguodala as an example of the type of player he can become.