Thaddeus Young is sorry to have been involved in the play that almost certainly broke the foot of Brook Lopez.

Young and Lopez collided with less than five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of the Brooklyn Nets' loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday.

"It probably happened on that play," Young said. "I did see him grab his right foot when it happened. It was just one of those things - we were both trying to take a hard foul.

"I'm not even sure what happened," Young said. "I just know we got tangled up, and I helped him up. Brook is actually a good friend of mine. We've [known] each other since the 10th grade."

Lopez was having the best season of any player on the Nets.

"(He) having a great season and with a loaded team that has a chance to make a playoff push," Young said of Lopez. "It's a bad way to go out. I'm sorry I had to be the one to break his foot if I did, or that it had to be in our game."