Brian Shaw reiterated he is willing to coach anyone on the Denver Nuggets as long as the player buys into the team's role system, and Andre Miller has a slim chance to return to the bench at some point, according to a source.

"I'm willing to coach anybody on our roster that's willing to play and do what the best thing is for the team, whatever role that is," Shaw said. "And so right now dealing with what he wants to do. But in the process, my concern is what's best for the Denver Nuggets and right now that is continuing with the guys that are here right now and just looking ahead to our next opponent and what we need to do to prepare for that."

Miller yelled at Shaw during a game on Jan. 1, and the coach regretted not letting the veteran guard know about plans to reduce his role. Shaw believes the Nuggets, winners of their past four games, have been "able to rally around" Miller's absence.

"My decision was made to change the rotation, to reduce the rotation at that point," Shaw said. "The only thing I would have done differently is probably would have gone to him beforehand and said that 'I've shortened the rotation and now you're on the outside, looking-in. Other than that, I made that decision based on where the team was and what I thought was best for the team. Unfortunately, it led to the situation we're in now."