Randy Wittman described the Washington Wizards as playing "AAU ball" in their 114-107 loss to the Houston Rockets on Saturday.

“Listen,” Wittman said. “If we come out like we do at home, nonchalant, take it for granted, no sense of urgency, shortcut everything – which is what we did the first two-and-a-half quarters – until we hold each other accountable of what’s going on on the floor and get it corrected, that starts with me. But it also starts in the locker room, having some leadership in there. We just played the game. We shortcut everything. When you do that, you get down 25.

“Now, we got [ticked] off at me, at each other. If that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes. We came back for about 17 minutes there and played as hard and with heart than we did any other point in that. But you can’t 17 minutes of an NBA game against a good team. That’s what we did.”

Wittman acknowledged that Kevin Seraphin gave the Wizards a boost, but instead wanted to focus on their play in general.

"The main point is, at home here, we just have no – I don’t know what the term [is]. Sense of urgency of coming home and protecting home. And we don’t. We just go out and play like it’s an AAU game. Kevin came in and gave us a big lift. There’s no question he played well. One of his better games. But we’ve got to figure those other things out. There’s no excuse for the way we’re playing.”