The Brooklyn Nets have turned around their season, winning five of their past six games to improve to 15-22. The Nets were 9-19 after a Christmas Day loss to the Chicago Bulls.

"I thought guys were trying to fit in," Jason Terry said Friday. "Instead of doing, primarily, what got you here. Once we got out of our own way, we started to understand (Jason Kidd's) philosophy, his plan, and we bought in. And we understand who we are, and that's just a team that plays with [guts] and grit. You've got as many years as we've got on this team, that's what it's all about at this age."

"I think Jason has simplified some things," Kevin Garnett said, "through the help of communicating with one another, understanding those schemes and understanding what he wants in there, I think is helping us. And then going over it, repetition, repetition. As easy as people may think it is to just have one system and then change it and have another system, it's not that easy. Especially when you're trying to create chemistry, create a flow. But for the most part, the effort has been there, on both sides of the ball."