During a podcast on Monday, ESPN NBA analyst Bill Simmons suggested that the lessons from baseball's performance enhancing drug problems of the past two decades need to be studied by those involved in basketball.

"The retroactive thing is really funny to me," said Simmons. "It does seem like there is this weird residual guilt, especially with the writers: 'We didn't know. I should have known. How did we not know?'

"Why aren't we asking that now with the other sports? What about basketball? Go on YouTube and watch a basketball game from 1977 and see what the guys look like. You really think there are no PED guys in the NBA right now? You've got to be kidding me.

"It's just funny to me. If we end up repeating this whole cycle with the NBA. Everybody is going to be like, 'How did we not know?' It's the same thing we were going through with baseball in the late nineties."