Doc Rivers was adamant in his support of Tom Thibodeau on Friday and believes his former assistant coach will return as the Chicago Bulls' head coach next season.

Rivers also was adamant the Bulls would be "nuts" to part with Thibodeau, who served as Rivers' lead assistant on the Boston Celtics' championship team in 2008.

"He's under contract, so yeah," Rivers said. "I don't know why he wouldn't be. I think it would be nuts not to have him here. He's the best coach, one of the best coaches in this league. So if you have that, that's an asset.

"And I don't think any right minded organization would allow that asset to leave. Because with all this adversity they've had with injuries, if you allow that one to leave things will fall apart. And that would be pretty much a guarantee."

Thibodeau's status with the Bulls has been under heavy speculation, but he has led the team to a 21-20 record this season despite injury issues and trades.