Scott Brooks used a small lineup after the Oklahoma City Thunder fell behind 22-4 in the first six minutes of Wednesday's over the Miami Heat.

Brooks used Perry Jones III instead of Kendrick Perkins to match up better with the athleticism of the Heat.

“I thought to win this game that we had to make a decision to go with a smaller lineup,” Brooks explained. “It’s just this game. It’s not something that we have to do all the time.”

Brooks has often received criticism for not playing against matchups.

“It’s a better matchup, I guess,” Kevin Durant said. “Perry came in and did a great job of just giving us that length on defense and being aggressive on the offensive end…It’s going to be games where guys are going to play more minutes and games where guys are going to have to sacrifice a little bit. And that’s what we did. Guys sacrificed in that second half…and we got a good win.”

The Heat had won six straight games against the Thunder.