LaMarcus Aldridge's future with the Portland Trail Blazers looked bleak in the offseason, but the team had a fast start to the 13-14 season are are contenders.

"Winning and happiness and making sure my worth is valued," Aldridge said, when asked what he will prioritize when it comes time to decide his future. "It's always nice to be noticed for doing good things."

Last month, Aldridge said publicly that he believes the team will be capable of winning a championship "in the next couple of years," and went so far as to say he'd like to discuss a contract extension this summer.

Aldridge could sign a two-year extension, but that would make him a free agent at 32. The more logical move would be for Aldridge to become a free agent in 2015 at 30 and then sign a five-year, max deal.

"I haven't gotten that far into it because I want to wait until this summer," Aldridge said. "But at that point, we'll sit down and talk about it. ... If we're all on the same page, then I'm looking forward to it."