The New York Knicks have lost five straight games and fell to 21-38 after Friday night's blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors.

J.R. Smith was adamant the Knicks lack the passion needed to get over their struggles.

“It’s not a mental thing, it’s a heart thing,” Smith said. “You’re gonna let people score, what, 40-50 points in the paint, over and over again, we ain’t gonna win. We ain’t gonna win games like that. Guys get open shots, walking through the lane, run around, slapping high-fives, laughing, joking. When you’re supposed to be a team trying to make the playoffs, you ain’t gonna win.

“It ain’t gonna happen like that. You gotta play with effort, play with heart. I mean, I’m not condoning knocking somebody down and hurting nobody. But we gotta do something. We gotta stick up for ourselves. We’re just letting people do what they want to do.”