Carmelo Anthony may benefit from delaying his free agency until 2015, both in terms of choosing his destination and financially.

The New York Knicks are scheduled to have cap space in 2015 to sign another max contract player, but re-signing this offseason would leave Anthony unsure of who may ultimately join him.

Anthony would earn an additional $4.27 million through 17-18 and be able to lock in an additional season if he were to opt-in for 14-15 and sign a new max deal in 2015.

"It really comes down to what the player truly wants because that is what matters, you will execute his decision," said one of the NBA's top agents, who does not represent Anthony. "But I would advise my star clients that 2015 is a better year to be a free agent if getting on to a championship contender is the top priority."

A source close to Anthony said that opting in with the Knicks for the 14-15 season is not an option he is considering now.

In delaying free agency, Anthony could join a free agency class that includes Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Love.