Brett Brown discussed his draft strategy on Thursday and the path he believes he would take if he were in charge of deciding on the Philadelphia 76ers' upcoming lottery pick.

“I’m a best-player guy, then you figure it out,” Brown said. “Who knows? Everybody’s got different opinions. My opinion is you take the very best player and you figure it out.”

Brown understands Sam Hinkie and the 76ers' front office could instead draft based on need. The 76ers appear set at point guard and center, with Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel respectively.

“Best player, and you let them coexist. You figure it out. I think that’s normally the mindset,” Brown said. “If you get good people, it’ll all play out fine. My opinion, and that’s just Brett Brown speaking — I haven’t had any consultation with Sam or his staff, just my opinion — is you take the best player.”