The Miami Heat have lost two of their past three games and players expressed a collective disappointment after a 105-95 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday.

"We're going to have to draw the line in the sand somewhere," Bosh said. "We don't talk about it. We're not expressing ourselves in the locker room or on the court. So I figure I'll be the first one to say it, 'We suck.'

"And we need to turn it around. And if we don't turn it around, we'll be watching the championship at home.

LeBron James added the Heat are making "too many excuses."

"We continue to show up and do whatever. Loss? Nobody is upset. Win? Nobody is happy. There's no passion. There's nothing," Bosh said. "I just want there to be something. If you are mad, say you're mad. If you are frustrated, say you are frustrated. We just need some dialogue. It's uncomfortable keeping things in. We've been keeping things in for a whole season now. You have to let it out."