With Joe Dumars in the final season of his contract and John Loyer serving as an interim coach, Tom Gores said the Detroit Pistons will address the statuses of both once the season ends.

“We got to finish the season," Gores said. "We’re gonna get it done. We’re going to finish the season and then we’re gonna regroup and we’re going to reflect. But I’m not giving up on Detroit. I’m not giving up on our guys.”

When asked whether there will be a quick decision, Gores said: “After the season we’re going to address it right away. We have to, we have to. We have to let the season play out and we gotta get it done. We don’t wait around. I have one goal for us – to be competitive. Detroit needs us to be champions. They need us to be a champion.”

Gores added he feels the firing of Maurice Cheeks was "the right thing to do."