Brian Scalabrine and Pete Myers had a head verbal exchange following last Saturday's loss by the Golden State Warriors to the San Antonio Spurs. Sources say the altercation is what likely led to Scalabrine's reassignment.

Myers has been on Jackson's staff since 2011.

Mark Jackson cited a ”difference in philosophies” with Scalabrine when asked about the situation on Wednesday, but reiterated that there is no dysfunction with his team.

“We are excited about what’s taken place up until this point — the culture, the environment with no dysfunction at all,” Jackson said after practice on Tuesday. “That’s comical.

“I know dysfunction, and that could not be further from the truth, and if it was true, there’d be more people in the choir singing it. That’s entertainment.”

Jackson took nearly twice as long as usual to meet with reporters following that loss.

“Just talking, that’s all,” said Jackson when asked about the delay.

“I was talking with my staff, not the players. We were just talking basketball, that’s all.”