Blake Griffin had the best season of his career in 13-14 and his ability to coexist with Chris Paul has also improved in their third season together.

"Every year (the relationship with Paul) has evolved," Griffin said Tuesday. "You can't expect two guys who have never played together before to just come in and just right away be the best of teammates and understand everything that they're doing. It takes time.

"You figure out ways to make things work every year…I think last summer was big, because we spent a lot of time together — not just (in Los Angeles) but also in China, doing tours (for their shared Jordan brand) over there. We went to (Las) Vegas — we worked out in Vegas a little bit. Little things like that helps build the relationship."

Griffin's production also jumped during Paul's absence due to injury.

"Blake was always like the little brother (to Paul)," Jamal Crawford said. "And when the big brother is down, the little brother has to step up. And me and Blake looked at each other, because he was like, 'Now we've got to be more aggressive. We've got to go.' He led with his voice. He led by example. He led us every single night when Chris went out.

"This guy just wants to be great. He really does. I've said it before — (Kevin) Durant (of the Oklahoma City Thunder) will probably win MVP this year, but with those guys being the same age I could see them going back and forth for years to come. ... Blake's one of the special talents in the world."