The Utah Jazz likely will not hire a new coach or conduct interviews soon but have plans to discuss the open position with a minimum of 20 candidates.

Randy Rigby said the Jazz will talk to “iconic players” and those with NBA head coaching experience, assistants, and coaches from international leagues and the college ranks.

"We don't take these things lightly. This was more often than we wanted to and we would've hoped,” Rigby said. “We want to do things and do it right and have it last for a long time for this organization and that individual. We're going to take the necessary time.”

Rigby added Dennis Lindsey will not be the only voice in the coaching hire.

"I hear many people say, 'This is Dennis Lindsey's decision.' No, it's not,” Rigby said. “Dennis is going to be a key player in this decision and is going to help formulate our strategy. But he is very inclusive of our team, and it's worked very well for us in the past to make sure that everyone has a vote and a say and we're all of one mind when we come out of the room.”