Lawrence Frank was reassigned from his role as assistant coach of the Brooklyn Nets early in the season and he continues to file daily scouting reports.

"In order for [Jason Kidd] to be successful, I had to make a decision, so I said, 'Let's reassign him,' " King said during an interview with NBA TV. "He does his report -- I got it this morning -- and he's helping from afar. But I believe in Jason and so to give him the ability to be successful, we had to make that decision."

The Nets bottomed out at 10-21, but they turned around their season with small, unconventional lineups.

"[Kidd] believed in himself," King said. "And that was the biggest thing. When he walked into a room, there was confidence. When he talked to the players, there was confidence," King said. "He went at KG [Kevin Garnett]. KG went back at him. He went at Paul [Pierce]. So he wasn't afraid to challenge guys, and that, to me, showed that he was going to be a good coach.

"You've got a Hall of Famer in KG and Paul -- 19 years and 16 years in the league -- and you challenge them in front of the rest of the team, they all believe, 'Okay, this guy's real.' "