The Boston Celtics will head into the Chicago NBA draft combne with their highest choice since 2007.

Danny Ainge does not believe the combine is as useful to executives and coaches as it was in past years.

“It’s just not as informative as it used to be,” Ainge said. “You’re not going to see people playing 5-on-5 anymore. A lot of players aren’t going to work out at this, the way it goes right now.”

Ainge added he also has not learned much from the interviews with prospects.

“Every year is a little different,” he said. “It almost seems like it’s become a status thing with the way it is right now. It’s like some players are saying, ‘I don’t have to work out there, so I won’t.’

“So you’re probably not going to be able to tell much more about the top players in Chicago, unless they show up completely out of shape. But I like the kids who show up and do the work. I just like the kids who have a love for the game and show up with a desire to show that to people.

“We’re dealing with a lot of young kids here, so there’s the potential to learn something new every time. In Chicago you don’t learn all that much, other than what they’ve been doing in their conditioning programs since the season ended.”