Paul George was asked on Friday if he wants to have Lance Stephenson return to the Indiana Pacers next season.

"I don't know," George said after a long pause. "That's for Larry (Bird), Kevin (Pritchard), for them to decide. It would be great. We came into this league together. It would be great for us to continue our journey together.

"But he's played a huge (role) this whole season and in this postseason. So it's definitely put pressure on us to make decisions going forward with Lance."

David West took a more decisive position.

"I think so, I hope so," said David West. "He's a huge part of the progress that we made. He's a great young talent. He fits with this group so hopefully we get him back."

"In our eyes (right now), Lance is still here, still a part of this organization," George Hill said. "We love Lance as a teammate and we hope that the organization brings him back with this group. He's a big part of this team's success."