Scott Brooks' job security was questioned at times during the Oklahoma City Thunder's postseason run, but the head coach said he did not pay attention to it.

“It’s something I don’t even consider," Brooks said. "I just do my job every day.”

The Thunder's stars, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, supported Brooks.

“That’s our guy,” Durant said. “I’m riding with him. It’s easy for everybody on the outside to criticize. But once you’re in the fire, once you’re in that arena, those are the guys that matter. The guys that shed the blood, sweat and tears and sleepless nights, those are the guys that count. Those are the guys that matter in our book. Everybody on the outside really doesn’t.”

“Ever since I’ve been here and Scotty became the head coach, he’s done a great job of having confidence in me personally,” Westbrook said. “There’s times where things have gone south, and he’s the only one, regardless of what happened, has had my back.”