Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James would like to play with each other and Stephen A. Smith is predicting it as a "95 percent possibility" if they both opt-in for the 14-15 season.

LeBron wants to play with Melo," Smith said. "Melo wants to play with LeBron." 

Smith said that if both James and Anthony opt in this summer, "the New York Knicks would have a shot at getting LeBron James to come to New York."

The Knicks are projected to have enough cap space to land two max free agents in the summer of 2015.

James and Anthony could also play together with the Miami Heat depending on what happens with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

"I'm here to tell you right now it's a 95 percent possibility -- if not more -- that they would join forces whether it be in New York or Miami," Smith said about the scenario of waiting until 2015 for free agency. 

Phil Jackson has suggested to Anthony that he might be better off opting in this season.