The Miami Heat on Wednesday addressed the struggles of Mario Chalmers, who is averaging 3.3 points and three turnovers per game while shooting 25 percent from the field in the NBA Finals.

There has been speculation that Chalmers is dealing with a personal problem or thinking about his pending free agency in the offseason.

"I would hope not but I'm not Mario Chalmers and I'm not sure what goes through his mind," LeBron James said. "I mean, this is the NBA Finals but also it is his livelihood that he's playing for as well (free agency). I'm not quite sure."

James and Dwyane Wade said they will continue to encourage Chalmers, while Erik Spoelstra added, "You want him to know we still have faith in him, trust in him and we need him. He's been able to play through tough times and been able to bounce back."

"I'm not involved, really," Chalmers said. "I think in the previous Finals I was handling the ball a lot more and getting more action. I think defenses were playing me different. Right now, it's just trying to make the adjustment, trying to get my teammates looking for me more."