Julius Randle has denied a report that he will undergo surgery on his right foot after the NBA Draft on June 26.

“It’s never been considered,” Randle said on the possibility of surgery. “I’ve met with my own doctor and talked to specialists, some of the best doctors in the world and they’ve said they wouldn’t do anything with it. I probably wouldn’t be working out if I needed surgery.”

The injury dates back to an injury he suffered in high school.

At the time, Randle had a pin inserted into right foot after he suffered a fracture.

Multiple reports indicate that there is some concern that the bone did not heal properly, which would cause the need for surgery.

“It won’t be an issue,” Randle said. “Whether a team wants me to have surgery or not, it’s a minor injury in the first place that I suffered in high school. The longest you are out is 12 weeks or something like that [with the surgery]. I’d probably miss summer league or something like that, but nobody said they want me to have surgery.”