Pat Riley addressed the media on Thursday following the end of the Miami Heat season.

Riley first began by talking about how so many of the great teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics of the 1980s, Chicago Bulls of the 1990s, San Antonio Spurs of the late 1990s to present and Los Angeles Lakers of the late 1990s to the present have finished more seasons without a title than winning one.

"You have to stay together if you have the guts," said Riley. "And you don't find the first door and run out of it."

LeBron James has the ability to become a free agent this summer, which puts the future of the Heat on uncertain footing.

"We need to re-tool. We don't need to rebuild," said Riley.

The Heat have won two titles and lost two others since James joined the franchise along with Chris Bosh.

Riley believes the Heat will retain James.

"I'm optimistic. There isn't a better place for players to be than Miami."