The Golden State Warriors remain interested in trading for Kevin Love, but they don't want to expand the deal beyond Klay Thompson and David Lee for Love and Kevin Martin.

The Warriors are attempting to protect their assets and also don't want to give up a future first round pick without protections.

Chad Ford said on ESPN LA 710 AM that the Warriors are also eyeing LeBron James as their next move if they are able to acquire Love.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think there’s a better Kevin Love deal for the Wolves than what the Warriors can offer, said Ford. "And I think the Warriors are very motivated to get Kevin Love in part I think not just because he’s an upgrade over David Lee, but in part because I think that now that you can have a Steph Curry and you have a Kevin Love, I think they feel at that point that they could be credible suitors for LeBron James,” Ford said.

“There are many suitors that are hoping to be credible suitors for LeBron James, but I think the Warriors can make a compelling case for him if they had Curry and Love. They’re perfect complements to LeBron James.”

The Warriors would need to clear cap space for James by trading away Andre Iguodala and Andrew Bogut.