Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh continue to consider their free agency options and "nothing's changed" in their approach since July 1, according to their agent.

"They appreciate what they've done in Miami those four years together, and they want to make sure they have a chance to have that same success the next four (years)," said agent Henry Thomas, who attended Sunday's games at the Orlando Pro Summer League. "With Dwyane, he's been there his entire career, so he's in a unique situation. Chris has made it known how he's felt about being in Miami these four years."

Thomas said he does not believe LeBron James, Wade and Bosh have met collectively since they got together in late June to initially discuss their free agency plans.

"This is a process -- really a different process for each one of them," Thomas said. "It just has to play out. But what I can tell you is that nothing's changed."