The Cleveland Cavaliers were granted permission by the Minnesota Timberwolves to speak directly to Kevin Love last month in an introductory fashion, according to sources.

LeBron James has also been in contact with Love for several weeks about their long-term intentions of playing together.

The Cavaliers and Wolves have agreed upon a trade that will become official in late August when Andrew Wiggins is eligible to be traded.

Sources insist no agreement for Love to sign a new contract with the Cavaliers next summer is in place. An agreement would be illegal under CBA rules, so the NBA could block the trade while also handing down punishment to both the Cavaliers and Wolves.

Sources confirmed to that the Cavs and Love can make no such arrangements about the future, even verbally, without violating salary cap circumvention rules in the league's collective bargaining agreement.

Love has let it be known that he would like to play alongside James for as long as the latter is on the Cavaliers.

Love has an option in his current Wolves contract for the 2016-17 season for $16.7 million that he could permissibly pick up as part of the trade. But sources say Love has been adamant about becoming a free agent in July 2015.