Kevin Durant's withdrawl from USA Basketball appeared to be a confession, and the Oklahoma City Thunder star admitted he was mentally and physically exhausted.

No player has logged more combined regular season and playoff minutes over the past three seasons than Durant, who has played 10,924 minutes. LeBron James sits in second with 10,811, even with three straight trips to the NBA Finals in that window.

Over the past five seasons, Durant’s 15,064 minutes also pace all players and are 930 more than James, who is No. 2 on that list.

Thunder coach Scott Brooks said last October that he likes to keep Durant’s minutes between 38 and 40. The Thunder could be forced to look into monitoring Durant's minutes with more frequency.

“As we go forward there’s no question that’s something we want to look at and understand,” Thunder general manager Sam Presti said about Durant’s minutes at the end of the season. “Not only for the long term, but to also make sure we are getting the most out of the minutes that are played during one particular game or another…I can’t tell you what comes of it.”