Andrei Kirilenko's desire to tend to a family matter in New York appears to make a trade from the Brooklyn Nets impractical for the foreseeable future.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers are two teams with a need for a player like Kirilenko that will need to wait to see if he becomes available close to the deadline.

The Nets have been working to find a team that’ll take the balance of his $3.3 million deal for the 2014-15 season, but a family matter that may require him remaining in New York until January or February could make it difficult for the Nets to trade him soon, sources said.

Kirilenko doesn’t have to accept a contract buyout and cost himself money. He can wait until the February trade deadline and become a low-risk addition elsewhere in the NBA.

“Andrei has all the power now,” one rival executive told Yahoo Sports. “He can say he likes the situation enough to play or not to play.”