Greg Monroe "absolutely" remains open to re-signing with the Detroit Pistons in the offseason, according to his agent David Falk.

Factors other than money will weigh in Monroe's decision.

"He's going to get the same money wherever he goes," Falk said to two reporters courtside at the Verizon Center. "I told him that two years ago. All stars get the same amount. It just depends on what the intangibles are.

"Where do you want to move? Who do you want to play with? Who do you want to play with? Is there a coach you want to play for? Do you want to be the star on a rebuilding team or do you want to be a complementary player on a championship team? Those are all intangibles."

The Pistons and Monroe were unable to agree upon a long-term deal last offseason as a restricted free agent. Monroe signed a one-year, $5.4 million qualifying offer.

The Pistons can offer a five-year deal with 7.5 percent raises, while others can only offer four years and 4.5 percent raises.

Falk complimented Stan Van Gundy, who is in his first season as president-coach of the Pistons.

"I think Stan has said some great thing publicly," Falk said. "Greg has said some great things about Stan publicly and Stan's a great coach."