Russell Westbrook will be representing the Oklahoma City Thunder at this month's lottery.

The Thunder haven't been in the lottery since they won the third overall pick in 2009 and drafted James Harden.

"Every draft pick is viewed as an opportunity, or an option of sorts for the club," said Sam Presti. "Will Dawkins and our amateur scouting department have done a great job this year of planning for various scenarios within the draft. It is up to us to sort through ways that we might be able to use the draft pick to generate the most value for the organization. This could mean picking the best available player, looking to trade the pick, or any other myriad of concepts that we are exploring each day. Russell Westbrook will be representing the organization at the Lottery, and I told him the other day that if people watching at home do not have to adjust the brightness on their television screen based on what he is wearing, I will be really surprised. That or something sans sleeves.