A few executives have dumped the term “stretch 4” altogether and replaced it with “playmaking 4.”

Traditional stretch-4's like Ryan Anderson, Ersan Ilyasova and Channing Frye are multidimensional, but can only thrive in specific offensive systems. 

A "playmaking 4" can shoot the ball, but also drive into the lane and make some sort of play when an opponent successfully contests a jumpshot opportunity.

“In a playoff series, you can figure out shooting,” George Karl says. “You just cover Kyle Korver. All that cute stuff they ran for him all year long — they only get that once in a while now. The shooters who have playmaking ability — those are the guys that are really kicking ass.”

Draymond Green and Boris Diaw are two examples of the "playmaking 4."

“I’ve always felt that in the playoffs, the more ways you can score, the better chance you have,” Jeff Van Gundy says.