Stephen Curry can become a free agent in 2017, but the prospect of leaving the Golden State Warriors isn't currently appealing to the reigning MVP.

"As I am thinking right now, free agency isn't really appealing to me because I love where I'm at, love the organization I'm playing for and the Bay Area is home for me and my family," Curry told the Sporting News.

Curry is the Warriors' fifth-highest paid player with a salary of just $11.37 million for 15-16.

Curry cautioned against getting too focused on the long term.

"I think the best approach for me is to try and stay as in the moment as possible," the 27-year-old said.

"It helps being world champs, and you want to continue to build the momentum that we've established and I hope to have a huge part of that in the long term," Curry said.