Jahlil Okafor has struggled on offense during the preseason.

In his past two games, Okafor has combined to make just 5 of his 18 shots (27 percent).

"I've never been a guy to pinpoint one thing," Okafor said after that game. "I have to work on my entire game. I'm just trying to keep making progress and keep progressing. It's preseason. So I'm trying to work everything out."

Opposing defenses are collapsing against Okafor to make other members of the Philadelphia 76ers beat them.

"We are just getting him the ball, trying to space around him and let's see [what happens]," Brett Brown said. "I think I've got to coach more movement around him. You know cutting off post feeds, slashing from the weak side."

Brown said he and Okafor need to figure out a way to "quarterback the gym."

"Then we start sprinkling shooters around," Brown said. "That's the best play they have - Jahlil Okafor get him the ball, and [defenders] are going to come. We can play that second side."