Offensive rebounding has become an area many teams have de-emphasized in recent years.

Stressing the importance of getting back on defense prevents fastbreak points and forces opposing offenses to work against a set defense and the shot clock.

Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs were amongst the first teams to start this practice.

"We don't care if you get an offensive rebound in your entire life," Brett Brown said was the mantra for the Spurs when he was an assistant coach.

"San Antonio set the model," says Terry Stotts. "Offensive rebounding has never been a priority for us."

Doc Rivers, Stan Van Gundy, Steve Clifford, Erik Spoelstra and Rick Carlisle have also followed suit.

Leaguewide, offenses have rebounded just 23.8 percent of misses, on pace to be the lowest overall mark in NBA history.


Teams are also playing more small ball, and asking their power forwards to shoot 3s.