Derrick Rose will be a free agent in 2017 but he is emphatic about wanting to remain with the Chicago Bulls.

With all of the injuries Rose has suffered, his relationship with the city of Chicago has been one of scrutiny.

Rose was asked if his love for Chicago and wanting to bring a title back to the city has changed over the years.

"Never. Never. I can't get mad about peoples' opinions, I always say that. That's their opinion. They got every right to say or think whatever they want to say and think. And whatever they say and think don't affect my life. I don't live in that world where I'm on social media, I don't got social media. Or I'm reading articles [about my game], so it's like I hear stuff by word of mouth a couple of days after so it never gets to me. So I can't get mad about what they say."

Rose was asked if it still is true he has no interest in playing anywhere else.

"That's still true," said Rose. "Still true. Just having my son [P.J.], I'm doing all this because of my son now, you know? Just wanting to be around him every day, having him come up here, shoot with me or see me shooting til he's able to become a ball boy. Little things like that I think about long term. Just trying to get him groomed, trying to get him used to being in the environment."

Rose also confirmed he wants to retire with the Bulls.