Andre Drummond is shooting 35.8 percent from the free throw line this season, leaving the Detroit Pistons vulnerable to the Hack-a-Drummond approach.

“In the gym, he’s made a lot of progress,” Stan Van Gundy said. “You can see the work and practice sessions where he’s gotten a lot better. But in games, it’s actually gotten worse.

“There’s clearly a psychological component to it and something that he’s got to continue to work through in terms of his mental practice and his routines to get to the point that it will translate into games.”

Van Gundy said Drummond’s technique is improving.

“He can get in the gym and is shooting the ball a lot better,” Van Gundy said. “But I’m not going to say he’s shooting 90 percent in the gym. He’s not. But he can go in the gym every day and shoot 70 percent-plus. And right now it hasn’t been able to translate into the game, and we’re working on that.”