Draymond Green had zero points on three shots at halftime of the Golden State Warriors' win at the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Green went on a profanity-laced tirade in the locker room, according to Lisa Salters.

“I am not a robot. I know I can play. You have me messed up right now. If you don't want me to shoot, I won't shoot the rest of the game.”

“Was Lisa in the locker room?” Steve Kerr asked. “Things get emotional occasionally and we were all angry at the way we played in the first half."

Green finished the game with two points but also had 14 rebounds, 14 assists, six steals and four blocks.

Kerr said the outburst was “very unusual” from Green.

“But that's all I'm gonna say about it, because it's our private business,” Kerr said. “But since everybody heard all the yelling, you guys can write whatever you want. But I'm not gonna comment on that.”