Chandler Parsons has remained close to Dwight Howard after nearly two years of no longer being teammates.

Howard will be a free agent this offseason and the Dallas Mavericks are expected to pursue him.

"We have ongoing talks and text messages still to this day. He's one of my good friends. It's cool that we could have the opportunity to go into free agency this summer together," said Parsons.

"I've expressed how I think he can be one of the dominant players in this league. I think he still has a lot left in the tank. He gets criticized a lot for whatever reason, but I still think he can be one of the best big men in the league and a game-changer. He's not that old [Howard is 30]. He still has a lot left in the tank."

Parsons became close to DeAndre Jordan during the Mavericks' courtship of him last offseason, but they have since drifted apart.

"Pretty nonexistent, honestly," said Parsons "Me and DJ obviously got super close during that time. It's kind of in the past now for both of us. He's made his decision and has had a decent year in L.A., so I'm happy for him. They're a team that's a contender this year. I've said many times I'm over it. He didn't do anything illegal.

I still think he would have been a much better player individually here in Dallas. You never know what's going to happen in the upcoming years. He's a good dude at heart.