For the past couple seasons the salary structure in place for the D-League has consisted of tiers. There were three tiers of salaries: $13,000 (C), $19,000 (B) and $25,500 (A) and each team had a salary cap of $173,000 on top of that.


For the 16-17 D-League season, there will only be two tiers for salaries as the “C” has been eliminated. The new salary levels will be $19,500 (B-Level) and $26,000 (A-Level) and the salary cap will rise to $209,000.

Adam Silver and D-League commissioner Malcolm Turner have been working in conjunction to build the league to 30 teams and when that point comes, there is a belief that salaries could be tripled to remain competitive.

D-League call ups made nearly $5 million in salary last season so the chance for a payoff is present.