LeBron James shares in Adam Silver's optimism of the NBA and NBPA being on the verge of a new collective bargaining agreement.

"I think the best thing about it, we started the conversation a long time ago," James said Monday. "We're very optimistic on both sides, from the players' association to the owners, to (NBA commissioner) Adam Silver that we can get something done, and I think we can get something done.

"And I think it all started because we started the conversations early, ways we could better our league."

James is an executive vice president for the union.

"'I'm not here to talk about specifics, what the owners have asked for, what we've asked for," James said. "The most important thing is that our game is as big as it's ever been. And we want to continue that, and a stoppage of play will not continue that.

"We want to continue to build the brand and make the game as big as it can, where if there's certain people that can't watch it we want them to have an opportunity to watch it in different countries. So, that's what's most important."