James Harden has his swagger back this season, averaging 31.6 points, 12.7 assists and 7.1 rebounds per game.

Harden was asked who is the league's best player at his position.

“Best point guard or best player?” Harden responded when asked.

Either one.

“I am,” Harden said.

Harden has long dominated the ball as a shooting guard and now he's being asked to be a facilitator for Mike D'Antoni.

“I thrive on scoring the basketball and creating shots for my teammates,” Harden said. “I go into every game doing what it takes to win, whether it’s assists, whether it’s scoring, rebounding, whatever it is. [D’Antoni] puts a lot of trust in me, and my teammates do as well.”

While Harden's numbers are up, he's focused on leading the Rockets to victories.

“I just want to win. I don’t really think about doing all that other stuff,” Harden said. “Being runner-up for MVP [in 2014-15] and having just a not-so-good last year, it was good for me. It was a growth year for me. I learned a lot of things and got better and just have a different mentality coming into this year.”