The Charlotte Hornets have started the 16-17 season in impressive fashion, continuing their success of last season by re-signing Nicolas Batum and Marvin Williams.

“Some of the best franchises around the league, whether it’s San Antonio or OKC or Golden State, there’s always a semblance of continuity,” General Manager Rich Cho said Sunday. “That’s really important when you’re trying to build. We put a lot of emphasis on player development and our coaching staff does a great job of that. It’s just an extension of that philosophy, as far as trying to keep your young guys.”

The Hornets like to put most of their available resources back into their own players.

“That used to be one of (Stan Van Gundy’s) biggest points. It’s so easy, when you watch a guy, you say he doesn’t do this or that, and then you let guys go, and you end up with a guy who’s similar in ability to them and it takes a year for them to get up to speed, or somebody less,” Steve Clifford said. “When you find guys that you feel are really good players, and you think they’re a fit with your other guys, you’re crazy (to let them go)…

“It’s just how as an organization how you view players. One of the advantages of having Michael (Jordan) as an owner is, when you sit and talk to him, he just has a way of looking at players. He constantly talks about what they can become.”