Nate Duncan coined the phrase "Hawks University" for the way the Atlanta Hawks have developed several younger players in recent seasons during the tenure of Mike Budenholzer and Wes Wilcox.

“We’ve heard rumors. It’s humbling to be referenced in that way," said Wilcox. "But really, (Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer) has really set the tone for us in that our goal every day is to just get better whether it’s in the front office, whether it’s on the court, whether it’s in athletic performance. That really has permeated all of basketball operations and maybe the organization as a whole. We come in every day with the mindset that we are going to get a little bit better today. We are going to work our butts off. I don’t hear it all. It’s flattering but we just keep our heads down and keep on working.”

Budenholzer wasn't familiar with the term when asked about it recently.