With Kevin Durant returning to Oklahoma City Thunder for the first time since leaving the franchise to sign with the Golden State Warriors, he and his business manager, Rich Kleiman, are taking preventive safety measures.

A heightened armed security team has been procured, tripling the normal amount of security personnel the Warriors typically travel with.

Kleiman will sit next to Durant's mother during the game.

A group of security officials will be strictly assigned to ensure they are supervised and protected throughout the game.

Because of his tight travel window in Oklahoma City, Kleiman will make the rounds on Durant's behalf at the various foundations and organizations the superstar continues to support.

Durant recently reached out to Rich Paul, the agent for LeBron James, to understand the hostile treatment he might receive once he takes the court.

Paul stressed to Durant the importance of hiring additional security staff, keeping his emotions in check, monitoring his family's whereabouts, moving precisely in the arena and not reacting to insults. Paul also reminded him to show his appreciation to the city and organization and reminded him that as long as he's happy with his decision, he doesn't owe anybody anything.