The San Antonio Spurs have been one of the NBA's most consistent franchises over the past two decades.

“Better than chaos and conflict,” Popovich said of his relationship with R.C. Buford.

Popovich talked about the Los Angeles Lakers' new direction with Magic Johnson as president of basketball operations.

“Magic’s always been somewhat an idol in the sense of what he accomplished and what he’s done not just on the court but what he’s done after the court business-wise,” Popovich said. “Hopefully that will transfer. Hopefully he’ll be very successful. I’m one of those people that believe that having big teams in big cities is important for the league. Sure, we all want to win. But the bigger picture is big cities in big teams is good for everybody.”

Popovich also said how the Spurs' ownership has helped tremendously with their success.


“Ownership has allowed us to run the program and keep them informed as they should,” Popovich said. “If that piece of the puzzle is in the place, it becomes synergy between management, coaches and players. At that point, it becomes people. Hopefully people have gotten over themselves and are comfortable in their own skins. They know how maturely and objectively agree and disagree. That’s totally dependent on people.”